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About us

CANOPUS PRIVATE COMPANY was founded in 2013 under the original name CANOPUS SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY by the Civil Engineer Theofanis Roussas, with the main purpose of studying and constructing private and public works, and was one of the first companies in Greece to be established in this legal form.

Later the company was transformed into a multi-person company, with the addition of Fotini Papachatzi, an Accredited Insurance Intermediary and Real Estate Advisor and expanded its business to both the insurance sector with the agency of almost all Greek insurance companies, as well as in the field of real estate sales and management.

Its name is symbolically derived from Canopus, or alpha (α) Carinae, the second brightest star in the celestial sphere, used primarily to navigate the most modern spacecrafts.

This symbolism mainly lies in the fact that the company seeks to be a benchmark based on its operation, which is characterized by complete transparency, precision and honesty, focusing on the customer and the high quality of services or products.

It is a financially sound business with a growing profitability and range of activities, that does not hesitate to discover and implement new business ideas.

RE/MAX Canopus webpage is here.

Your Home Sold webpage is here.

Soon the company plans to enter the financial services industry.

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