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Property Submit

Submit your Property for Sale or Rent

If you want to sell or rent your property we are at your disposal. Send us a message via the contact form and a qualified partner will contact you immediately for details.

The process is very simple and short and after a visit to the property you will be asked to sign the relevant order.

Please note that we only sell or rent your property exclusively because we pay special attention to each of our clients.

Exclusive cooperation with us will ensure the best possible financial result in the shortest possible time.

You will not get a higher price by assigning your property to many real estate agencies, but rather the opposite. The over advertisement of your property for sure will drop its price.

Would you ask to see a property, whether it is a purchase or a rental, which you have seen advertised for a long time from many different offices and at different prices? This should probably give you a sign, that something is wrong with the property or that it may have some "hangovers".

We advertise your property at many different times with highly prominent listings, which automatically attract serious prospective buyers or tenants, while at the same time, we have a large database consisting of reputable clients only. Time is valuable to all of us and our goal is to achieve the desired result quickly and not to waste your time by presenting you potential customers who are not seriously interested about your property.

Trust us and you will not lose.

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