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Do you want to sell or rent ?

If you have a property you want to sell or rent, our office can quickly find the right person for you. We have the complete image of the market and the experience necessary to value your property, so you don't waste valuable time looking for something out of the market, or lose money because of wrong valuation of your assets.

We have a large client base that we can refer to, at any time, to serve you quickly and in almost any case. We can promote your property immediately and safely for you and the sale or lease process, will be completed soon.

Looking to buy or rent ?

Finding the right property to buy, or rent, is no easy task. Just think of how many unknown landlords you should talk to each day, describing their real estate by phone, always from their own subjective perspective. And what do you do for the price ? How would you assess if it corresponds to the real value of the property you are interested in ? Finding the right property is very difficult, and in most cases, it is a waste of time for the person concerned.

Contact our office, staffed with professionals with many years of experience, who will record your needs and depending on your financial opportunities, will offer only the best opportunities for you, through dozens, or even hundreds, of properties.

How we work

Our office operates and accepts exclusive orders only. This means that the properties you find in our office are unique and you will not find them anywhere else, in any other real estate agency.

Also, for sellers or renters, this means that your property will be treated and promoted and will not be available in all real estate agencies in the country, in every newspaper and website, with different features and prices depending on the offices.

Assigning your property to more than one real estate agency will not help you to sell or rent it. On the contrary, it can make it much more difficult and lower the price.

We do not “burn” your property, we sell or rent it at the price you want and it is really worth.

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