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Property Valuation

The valuation of a property

Property Valuation is the process of calculating the commercial value of a real estate asset, e.g. apartment, plot, parcel, house, shop, office, etc., at a specific time, for a specific purpose and with a specific methodology and can only be done by qualified and experienced valuers, with serious legal and technical background.

Indicatively, some factors that affect the value of a property are : The current economic data of the real estate market, the particular features of the property to be assessed, e.g. surface, ownership status, area, condition, age, etc.

Valuation of a property is necessary for any transaction involving land or buildings, e.g. sale or lease, litigation, mortgage, compensation claims, inheritance, fixing or negotiating rents, etc.

The key supporting factors for the proper estimation of the value of your property are: Surveying (Topographic) and / or Coverage Chart, real estate titles, building license and accompanying plans (if any), and land certificates.

The assessment of the value and the preparation of the relevant report is done after conducting an autopsy and collecting all the necessary supporting documents, the relevant market research, the examination of the objective and commercial values ​​of the property and the area, the examination of the suitability of the property for that purpose, research into possible future changes in the region, e.g. due to infrastructure projects, expropriations, etc., a static study of the building, etc.

If you would like to know the real commercial value of your property, contact us and an experienced Valuer Civil Engineer, expert in real estate, with up-to-date and internationally recognized methodologies, will estimate the value of your property for any purpose and use.

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