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Savings and Studies Programs

Educating our child is a serious and important investment, that not only yields, but can create the conditions for a better life. The cost of studies can be very high, if you consider the costs of tuition, food, books, equipment, renting a home, years of study, etc.

Systematic savings to fund a child's future studies, ensure that the heavy cost of a child's substantial education can be met with greater comfort tomorrow, and you will not deprive your child of an important “weapon”, which is a prerequisite for success in life.

Through our partnerships, with the largest companies in the industry, we are able to offer you the most up-to-date and affordable programs, so that you can save money systematically and efficiently, creating a significant capital for your child's studies or any other purpose.

Indicatively, the benefits of the savings programs we offer, may include :

  • Low cost of just 50,00 € / month
  • Choice of the length of time you will save and have the capital accumulated just when you need it
  • Automatically adjusting your savings amount each year, so you can start low and save more in the coming years
  • You choose the savings rate (month, quarter, semester, year), you have the option of making emergency payments anytime you want
  • You can choose to take your savings for immediate use, or even in predetermined doses, as a supplementary income at that time
  • ...and much more.

In addition, these programs may include life insurance, or other additional coverages, such as loss of your income.

It is understood that, all savings plans can be used for any purpose other than studies, eg. as financing to set up a business, for the purchase of real estate, cars, equipment, etc.

Do not let time pass as, the earlier you start saving, the more capital you will accumulate, and the higher will be the return.

Visit us or contact us to create the best savings plan for you and your children and lay the foundations for a better and carefree future.

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